Sheer Fun, San Francisco

sheer top, marc jacobs clutch, jessica simpson shoes, san francisco

Photo by Natalie Wang

Even though the sexy route is not really “in” right now, some women are still able to successfully create the look and avoid entering the realm of bad taste. A strong dose of natural confidence is a key accessory to this outfit. Amy knows how to wear an outfit that, although on paper reads red light district (sheer taute top, short high waisted black skirt, gold clutch, black heels), is nothing but classic sexy.¬† She does it right with a correctly proportioned skirt with earth-toned color combination.

How to look classy/sexy without looking trashy:

- Give the illusion of skin. The percentage of actual bare skin in an outfit should not exceed 50%.

- If you are going with bare legs, then complement with a covered up top. Yes, you can wear heels.

- If you go with a more revealing top, wear a longer skirt or pants. Yes you can wear heels.

- If you really want to show more than 50% skin, then no, you should not wear heels, and you should keep the colors closer to neutral.

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