I Wish I was a Chobbler, Shanghai

That’s chubby toddler.

Playing on her red mini-bike, right outside my favorite MSG-free Taiwanese noodle house in Shanghai, poses one of the best dressed kiddies I’ve ever seen. With temperatures hitting 6° outside, this little girl puts me to shame for wearing 4 layers of thermals, 3 pairs of sweatpants, a hoodie and massive snow jacket. She obviously knows how to bundle up and look Vintage fashion forward.  The youngster hails from the era of 1934, London style, Mary Poppins’ Chimney Sweep. Tweed knickerbocker shorts, rolled at the hem, were seen at NY fashion week.  A 2-toned fleece vest, cable knit leggings, and comfortable leather booties finish an outfit I’m envious of.

2 thoughts on “I Wish I was a Chobbler, Shanghai

  1. i looked for cable knit tights all winter, but this chick was probably just like, ‘yo, ayi, knit me some cable knit tights.’ and the ayi just f*cking did it.

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