Notch-less Quirk, Shanghai (by way of Paris)

Telephone PoseParisian tourist in Shanghai

She came into the BeeKeeper shop. She gave me a curious look, with a head tilt, then proceeded to try on some high waisted shorts in the middle of the store. Outside the store, when asked if we could take her photo, she started posing. I suggested maybe away from the telephone?

In our second attempt at a photo we see she has taken it down a notch. Immediately.  She tries to convince us, on the other side of the lens, that she is as demure and normal as anyone else.  But, clearly, that is not the case.  Her outfit may be mediocre to some, but she designed the button up shirt she’s wearing. Much better, I say, than another H&M or Zara piece.  Boring.  My favorite part of this outfit is the invisible pair of high heels she thinks she has on.  She’s practical; she didn’t need to shell out $3600 for a pair of heel-less Antonio Berardi shoes.   On her tippy toes, she has a lot of personality that even she can’t hide. And that is the most fashionable thing a person can wear.

After she was gone, I Google Hong Kong-ed her and found out she is a fellow designer. And that her quirky follows her everywhere she goes, and is in everything she touches.


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