Shanghai Solace

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Shanghai, with all its international amenities, can still be very wearing on an expat, especially after what will soon be 4 years.  The heat, noise, strange stinky tofu smell mixed with sewage (or is it urine?), the sidewalk air conditioning units dripping dirty water on my head as I walk, the accidental bumping of my shoulder (twice this morning) and the occasional spitting very close to my feet, leaves me feeling plain old exhausted.

But, when I am smart enough to remember, I have a ‘go-to’ image in my head. I actually have a few, coincidentally most are of fashion capitals around the world, but this is one currently most prevalent. Funny because I recently had a bad tiff with a french woman.  Or maybe that is why this is the one in my brain at present.

I think this and I am ok again.

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