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Subject: Christoph Schaller

Christoph is a fellow blogger. And a pretty good one at that, considering he started in his teens.  Now, at the ripe age of 19, he has recently graduated from kid school and is about to attend university in Berlin studying some form of fashion. As of yet, his easily amendable cranium is unsure where his path lies. Regardless, it is in fashion.

His blog is well followed by a loyal bunch because it is emotion filled and, to some, thought provoking. (It  probably doesn’t hurt that he’s quite a beautiful specimen, with impeccable taste in clothing and music.) It is his life, but he is unwilling to admit its importance. He sees fashion as possibly superfluous and unimportant in the scheme of things. I attribute that to his youth, because I see he lives and breathes it.  As do I. As do many.

I’m not going to preach. Only a little. What we put on everyday is our armor and our revealment.  It’s our truth, and for some, their dishonesty. No its not world peace or like saving the dolphins. But its something. And who made you so righteous and judgmental? Anything that makes your mind jiggle, your senses tingle, and inspires, is important.

It enlivens, brings optimism and energy into, perhaps, an otherwise dull life. It has inspired Christoph, who represents young Germany. From what he has told me, he feels all that has just been mentioned with fashion; enough to inspire an entire blog of his own. He shares. Honesty through blogging.  Christoph wants to inspire and IS inspired by people, music, photography, AND fashion. That doesn’t sound very “not important.”


Blocked in China, but Internationally ChristophWho

Favorite song from ChristophWho Blog, and another

The Cove, Save the Dolphins

World Peace

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