Fitting Style, Shanghai

Two things.

This outfit is perfect. It is a super casual getup but has some subtleties that make it fabulous. Or, maybe he looks so great cause he’s in love.  Aww.


Fit. Usually things must fit correctly, but sometimes over-sizing it or shrinking it a bit is an easy way to make an ordinary outfit look slightly different from the pack. Looking perfectly well fitted is nice but that’s it. It’s a fine line to walk.


When to oversize it:

Giant Coats. If you’re swimming in a coat it looks like a blanket. The Row creators are all about over-sized coats, in their own wardrobes.

Big shoulder sleeves on a woman. They make you look effortless, especially when sliding off the shoulder. On a man, well, it’s kinda weird. Just take off the shirt.

Large winter hats. Make you look like a cute Eskimo. Everybody loves Eskimos.

Shoes. For men, it makes you look… like you have big feet. But for women, larger boots make your legs look skinnier.

When to Undersize it.

Shortened sleeves on a blazer or coat while everything else fits perfectly. Not quite 3/4 sleeve length short but slightly (1.5″) raised. This fella blended his plaid hoody in with his understated dark plaid vintage blazer. If you do it, you must have the blazer fit correctly shoulder to shoulder and in the bodice.

Jeans. Skinny pants really suck you in and make you look longer.

The Belly. Just suck it in. I do all the time.

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