Oldies But Goodies, Seoul

I am starting to like the new wrinkles on the side of my face when I squint my eyes because I cant see through my dirty contact lenses.  The idea of a few wrinkles, age spots, and grays is somewhat appealing because I will appear to be mature and wise with these new characteristics.  And I’ll wear more cardigans.

Actually, I am only 29 but if I wake up with a droopy face tomorrow I’ll go with it. Because I will continue my ongoing quest for the perfect outfit. Age wont stop that. So I can always appreciate seeing a well dressed older person on the street like this gentlemen. He must be hitting 70 and he’s wearing a nice black cashmere suit on a leisurely Sunday afternoon outside one of Seoul’s many mega-malls. Most men in Seoul are sporting well made slim fitting suits, in contract to pajama pants in the street of Shanghai or cargo shorts in California. Sigh. Age should not be a deterrent from trying to look your best (or marriage, for those who get lazy).

This is a tribute to my beautiful ama, who never let age stop her from looking fabulous.

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