CHANEL in Shanghai

At People’s Square in Shanghai, curator Jean Louis Froment showcased the Culture CHANEL Exhibit at MOCA museum. It was small, but inspiring, with a mass of 1920′s embellished seasonal coats, black and white suit jackets, and Lagerfeld’s gold embroidered, hand beaded gowns. It made me not want to take my coat off, for multiple reasons. While I was looking over Coco’s hand written notes, a lady asked me in chinese “what language is that in?” I replied, “go away,” in English.

French designer Gabrielle Bonheur “Coco” Chanel (often mistaken for Conan “Coco” O’Brien) was the creator of Chanel. Coco is one of the most well known designers of our time with her modernist attitude and men’s inspired women’s wear, noteabley her signature 1925 black and white collarless jacket. She also created the idea of a little black dress for evening, other then mourning. She fabricated her humble childhood, became the mistress of Etienne Balsan, who was instrumental in the start of her business begining with hats, dumped Balsan for his even wealthier friend Arthur “Boy” Capel, who continued to fund her growing business, and become one of the most influencial designers of the 20th century.

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