Some Good Looking Ankles, Shanghai

It’s so unusual to see bare ankles in the Shanghai winter that this is like a sweet relief.  Coming from California, where winter is kind of a joke and sandals are worn year-round, it amuses me that when I do go without socks here, people stare in shock, old ladies make comments and of course, my ayi asks if I’m not cold.  Well, yes, it is cold without socks, but it’s also cute; sometimes, we make sacrifices.

Generally I’m loving this outfit.  It’s a touch busy on top – I think she could do without the white shirt, but I understand (after all, it is winter).  The pleated skirt is a favorite of mine – simple but sophisticated – and the Céline bag is adorable (it also matches the tan stripe in the shoes without being too “matchy”).

Can’t wait for spring and more bare ankles!

(I’m like a horny 18th-Century marquis or something – trying to get the ladies to show me their ankles.  Yikes.)

Céline has the best bags.

So does Chloé.  Currently infatuated with their 2011 bags.  Need!

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