Adios You Celtic Tampon, Shanghai

On the fashion streets of Shanghai, this local is cute and a bit on the normal side, but is actually considered, under chinese standards, daring and adventurous in her attire. The boho headband across the forehead, best done by Nicole Richie (worst done by Paris Hilton), is unfathomable in China, the land of the same.

True story time. I went to get my passport pictures taken and the photographer told me that I was doing what was illegal…smiling and not showing my ears in the photo. Everyone needs to look the same, stone faced, neat hair back, revealing ears. Then his wife frantically comes running over yelling “Comb your hair, how can you take a picture like that!”  I responded with class, stomping my feet and yelling back” I am American! I can smile and have messy hair if I want!!!”  What I should have responded with was, “Adios, you Celtic Tampon!” MUCH classier.

Clothing head to toe from Initial.

I’ve been watching too much Conan.

One thought on “Adios You Celtic Tampon, Shanghai

  1. i’m a little confused, is that considered a coat? it’s like a hybrid coat/dress/blouse/biker-jacket. multi-functional. especially relevant when she hits the high-end, outdoor, female only, biker bars.

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