All about the Peank (peach-pink), Worldwide

photo from the always classy Garance Doré

Once upon a time, a stubborn five year old girl refused to let her mother dress her. This mother always tried to trick her daughter into wearing pink. Pink dresses, pink sweaters, pink t-shirts telling the impressionable girl that pink brought out her rosy cheeks, white skin, and apple red lips. Even though the little girl loved Snow White, this trickery failed. Even though Mommy and Daddy bought the girl a bright pink, Michael Jackson style jacket with zip off sleeves, Miss Stubborn just sulked that her jacket wasn’t red like she’d asked.

Miss Stubborn didn’t like being told what to do. If girls were supposed to like pink and boys blue, Miss Stubborn would fight human nature and insist that her favorite color was green.

Twenty-five years and countless fashion disasters after, Miss Stubborn, can hardly contain her glee when looking at this dame in her shameless peank pants. The color and cropped fit along with black ballet flats girls up the androgynous shirt/coat hybrid and neutral cable sweater.

Mom,  you should have been pushing peank instead of pink.

Pantone, honeysuckle, schmoneysuckle.

Pink gone wrong.

Peank is the word, it’s the word, it’s the word…..

5 thoughts on “All about the Peank (peach-pink), Worldwide

  1. love this. pink can be so sickly (especially on the nurses’ uniforms in Chinese hospitals) but this is the right tone.

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