Dressing for Your Body – the MAN Edition

Slim and stylish - Skinny ripped jeans, Beatles boots, blazer, vest, shirt, tie, pea coat, spotted scarf

photos from NUlookbook

We ladies are usually saturated with images of stars, starlets, models, singers, actors and people who are famous just for being good-looking.

Yes. We get it.  Angelina Jolie is hot.

But what about the guys?  I think we tend to overlook the severe pressures faced by skinny men to have the bulk and physique of Jude Law, Jake Gyllenhaal, that new James Bond, Shaft, Ryan Kwanten, …I mean I could go on but me writing a list of hot muscley guys is not the point.  The point is, dudes face body image issues too, and sometimes, when we see a little fella who is proud to show off his lean frame and dresses with panache to boot, we should acknowledge and reward him.  With a blog post.  You’re welcome.

So here’s to you, sir, you with the stick legs (which, of course, I’m jealous of, because of magazines).  Today we celebrate your strategically ripped skinny jeans, your updated Beatles boots, your tailored blazer-vest-shirt ensemble, your ability to segue expertly from office to street and that you kind of remind me of Morissey.  So what if you got beat up by a jock or two in high school? Let’s remind ourselves that today, those former athletes are wearing khaki cargo shorts, XXXL Big Dogs shirts, shiny white ankle socks and off-brand sneakers from Costco.

Look like the man.

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