Lauren Young, Santa Monica

photo and post by Deb Sng

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Out on an afternoon walk along the Santa Monica bluffs, I saw amidst the tourists and joggers a very fashionable young lady. I had to stop and ask for details.inflatable games Lauren Young, a model and actress who recently moved to LA from the east coast, was very obliging. The Vintage Levi shorts, vintage orange scarf and high socks with Kohl’s boots stood out first to me. Then I noted the cute vintage purse she was carrying and her bejeweled necklace from Top Shop. Lauren’s I Love H81 camisole (received from a photo shoot) smartly overlaid a lace bra-very Carrie Bradshaw-esque inflatable arches. I can really appreciate the effort-less effort put into this outfit, even just for a morning stroll.

Background on Young:
She is with Elite Model Management in both LA and NY. This beauty, originally from Philly, acts and models and now resides in Venice, CA.  You can also find Lauren in Purple Magazine’s “Best in Show” shot by Terry Richardson, as well as in the Adidas flirty “Denim Girl Next Door” video. (the video for those in the Asian region)

4 thoughts on “Lauren Young, Santa Monica

  1. as i sit here reading this post i think…man i really need to get into shape. but this pasta in front of me is so delicious. oh life. i wonder if lauren can look that great and eat pasta too. and is she hapa?

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