Pink Suit, Worldwide

Photo via Katey Dutton

I always enjoy the friendly combative dichotomy between myself and I when I look at an outfit and think, ‘Wow, that looks great, but I’d never wear it.’  What is that?  Why not wear something if I like it?  So here’s a little exercise in point/counter-point (an internal conversation):

I’ve already got my look and that’s not a part of it.
Don’t be boring, try new things.

I don’t wear a lot of colors.
Well, you should; they’re awesome and make you feel good.

I could never pull it off.
What does that even mean?  Pull what off?

I couldn’t wear it to work.
It’s a suit.  It’s literally the definition of office attire.

While I’m probably not going to be wearing brightly chromatic ensembles anytime soon, it pleases me that there are people in the world who make bold fashion choices, like wearing a magenta women’s suit with a knit beanie while looking like a bad-ass.

Screw it, tomorrow I’m going to work in this.

2 thoughts on “Pink Suit, Worldwide

  1. After wearing grey and camel all winter, color blocking is the spring fashion trend I am most excited about!
    Saw nice colorful clothes in Zara and in little shops on Nanchang and Xinle lu.

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