American Apparel, Shanghai

It’s hard not to love American Apparel (despite the terrible creepiness of their CEO, Dov Charney).  Not only do they have everything – men’s and women’s, t-shirts and sweatshirts, skirts and pants, etc. etc. etc. – but they have everything in every color.  I can’t say that American Apparel has caught on in China the way H&M, Zara and even Gap have, but they did move their Shanghai retail outlet from the boons to Huaihai Rd., which is a good start.  Saw someone at a BBQ over the weekend wearing one of AA’s super comfortable shirt dresses (in pale pale pink, to match the Easter festivities) and it reminded me that I should get my butt over there.  If only they didn’t have to hike up the prices in China…but their products do last for years.

Also, love her espadrilles and tiny brown belt.

  • American Apparel on Huaihai Lu
  • This is actually one of the less offensive things that Dov Charney has done
  • Pretty great flat espadrilles at Target (if I find any in China I’ll update)

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