Spring Cleaning, Shanghai

Spring is here!! And with that, we finally see light scarves, bare legs and flats, sans socks. I adore her shoes and mix of textures with the fuchsia cardigan, jersey nautical dress, woven leather flats, and leopard print scarf.

So with the changing season, of course my mom sends me a list of the best home remedies for combatting Spring’s bff, Allergy.

  • Green Tea: green tea is a natural antihistamine and should give you some relief from your symptoms.
  • Ginger: crush some ginger root into boiling water and drink like tea. This will act a natural decongestant.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar: dilute a bit of this with water and drink twice a day to combat allergy symptoms.
  • Fluids: the best way to keep your body at its best (and able to fight allergies) is to drink lots and lots of fluids.

Apple Cider Vinegar is better then windex for every fix. My brother, Erwin, takes it for every symptom he has. Barf, flu, throat ache, food poisoning, breaking up with a girlfriend, it all ends with a chug of apple cider vinegar and he seems to be good as new. Good thing I just ordered a new bottle, along with my grade B maple syrup in preparation of my spring cleaning, known as detox.

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5 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning, Shanghai

  1. love the shoes! the apple cider thing is great too, apparently it has all kinds of magical healing properties.

  2. A sneaky way to consume ginger: blend watermelon, lemon, grated ginger and honey together. I liked my experiment so much I drank several glasses of it.

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