Gentlemen and Thievery, Shanghai

PRC Bike Alert! This ageless, skinny jean-ed gentleman just got his bike stolen last week! I think Cristina has had a record 6 Giant Bikes stolen from under her. Do what I do, buy a bike that usually ends up like this on the streets…

It is so old, it has a license plate. It is so old, it looks like dead branches.  It is so old, when my significant other was biking on it, an old Chinese man said to him, ” that is a very very OLD bike.”  Before I left for Christmas break last winter, I did not have enough time to get a lock for this very very old bike.  I rode around on it for a month, lock-free, practically begging to be stolen, yet nothing.  No one wants it but me.

Speaking of stolen, today, after more then four years of living in Shanghai, and I knew this was coming, I finally got spat on right in my face while biking, from on coming traffic by a non gentleman on a motorcycle.  Unprovoked.  Stay with me here.  Luckily, the previous night, I had stayed up till 4am finishing The Book Thief. If it had been on any other day, I would have had my very first murdering.  But today was different.  If the chosen people can prevail, I can prevail.

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