Harajuku in Shanghai

It is amazing what difference a year makes. Pleasantly surprised by the quick and miraculous improvement the streets of Shanghai have made, it is still leap years away ¬†from the real fashion capitals of the world such as Milan, London, Tokyo and NYC. But it doesn’t hurt my eyes as much to open them in the day light. The main streets of Shanghai with the highest percentage of running into someone that looks decent enough are Donghu Lu that turns into Fenyang Lu, Julu Lu near Source by Fumin and Xangyang, and the new Changle Lu near Chongqing Lu. Where it is much harder to find fashionistas are places that are self-proclaimed fashionable like Tienzifang and Xintiendi.

One of the most difficult areas to find good street fashion is at People’s Square. Forced to spend an afternoon there due to showing some out of towners around, we spent a day wandering the streets in a never-ending quest for some goodies. Then we came upon this. Not exactly my usual outfit, but I have to give her an up top for the unconventional attire in a very conventional world that is Shanghai.

4 thoughts on “Harajuku in Shanghai

  1. You’re right! we walked from people’s square to the bund to pudong back over and in those 4 hours we got a lot of bad outfit pictures.

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