My Fair Lady, Shanghai

In the Kaileeni archives, Cairn dug up pictures of this bad ass model. Can you say fierce? Say she looks fierce or else. Don’t you see the crazy look in her eyes? And her ripped tattooed shoulders are rare in Shanghailand.

How great does she look in that Kaileeni print tube dress? So great that Prints Charming ran up and carried her off to Never Never Land. I heard that I shouldn’t mix metaphors; does it make it better if I threw in a pun?

Models are supposed to sell product and looking at this fair thing, I want: the haircut, the dress and the shiny gold – model’s own purchased in Shanghai – bangles.


70s stripe maxi dress
Another great print
Kenneth Jay Lane, Kenneth Cole, Ben-Amun and House of Harlow all have awesome gold bangles.
These ones are cheap.

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