Sweet Ensemble, Shanghai

I love this!  Cropped pants, loafers, a baggy sweater and a light jacket are all things I can definitely get behind.  Coordinated but not too match-y (a major pet peeve of mine), and very appropriate for the approaching (well, pretty much here) Spring.

Ankle-baring slim pants are so great.  Was browsing the internet the other day, though, and saw Gwyneth Paltrow in cropped trousers on Chelsea Handler.  Apparently not everyone loves the look, and one commenter said “Capris are the last resort of the 40-something who knows her legs are beginning to go”.  Not true, says I.  There’s something very fresh and young but also timeless about them – and you know we love classic things on VainLane (it’s why we love vintage!).

I say great job.  Plus those moccasins look really comfortable, and now I want them.

  • Cropped pants and Gwyneth dis (language is NSFW)
  • Tod’s has excellent (but pricey) driving moccasins – also great for walking, or just wearing

5 thoughts on “Sweet Ensemble, Shanghai

  1. are you serious?? did you see her sing at the Oscar’s between Celine Dion and Florence Welch? Shes cute on Glee but never sing between two voices like those. It’ll just give people the giggles.

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