Orange Crush, Shanghai

Meijia S is just one of the fashion bloggers who attended the greatest closet swap ever. The one I missed because I’m too dumb to remember that you lose a day  in the air coming from Los Angeles to Shanghai. I’ve done it enough times. Jeez, but I digress.

As Kate has mentioned a couple of times, pleated skirts are the bizness and this one wins for several reasons:

1. Alternating panels of big and small print polka dots

2. It’s vintage.

3. Zero “wonkiness” as seen in this previous Vainlane post.

The American Apparel grey shirt is a great fit and I heart the fact that she’s rolled the sleeves. It reminds me of my Catholic school girl days where we spent hours trying to figure out how to make our uniforms look different than the other girls by folding our socks special top secret ways. She knows her grey t-shirt looks cooler than your untucked unrolled sloth-like interpretation.

That skinny orange belt (courtesy of H&M’s awesome accessories department)  is the cherry on top of her  polka dot dream sundae; simultaneously adding a pop of color and tying the whole look together.


3 thoughts on “Orange Crush, Shanghai

  1. I attended the closet swap and it was definitely my favorite look. She really rocks that pleated skirt. Don’t quite understand why fashion bloggers have to be so serious though…

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