The Royal Wedding, Shanghai

between these two would be grand.  Caroline and Kate are hilarious together, like a good Stewart-Cobert love fest. Those two should also get married. Just like how I want to marry that Marc Jacobs midnight blue dream of a purse. I would maybe make those gold rimmed aviators my cheap motel extra marital affair. Man, why’d I go and cheapen this post with all this trash.

Take 2

Kate looks so cute with her innocent little daisy earrings that her dad bought her. Cause he thinks she’s a danish queen. Lovely, but probably not the first words that come to mind when I think of Kate.

So the story goes, this danish daisy, designed by Georg Jensen, was created in honor of the birth of the current Queen Margarethe II, who was born on the eve (not literally, but close) of WWII.  Her birth was a symbol of vitality and a source of joy for the danish people, whose little land was occupied by some you-know-whos and the daisy seemed the perfect accompanying sign of hope for the tiny Royal Kingdom.  To this day, the Queen is often affectionately nicknamed Daisy by the Danes.

Ok, dad is in town so Kate can feel like royalty till he leaves on Wednesday.

4 thoughts on “The Royal Wedding, Shanghai

  1. I would like to see more pictures of how you contributors dress. Soooo many fashion bloggers claim to be experts in fashion but dress like *%^$&

  2. You’re totally right. So many people claim to be in fashion but they look, if anything, normal. you’re not suppose to look normal and like everyone else when youre in fashion.

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