This Seaon’s It Color, Shanghai

What do you call this?  Burnt orange?  Vermillion?  Some kind of coral?  Whatever it is, it’s definitely one of the season’s “it” shades (btw, pleated skirts also seem to be the season’s “it” skirts).

I’m super wealthy so I always peruse the monthly “How to Spend It” magazine that comes with the Financial Times (read: I steal my office’s subscription), and variations on this orangey hue are just everywhere, so there’s guaranteed to be a shade for all skin tones.

And it’s not just this color, but color in general that is blooming in storefronts on Nanjing and Huaihai.  I did some lunchtime shopping at Zara – bright color blocks of pink, blue, green, yellow, orange – everything – as far as the eye could see (also more pleats and LACE!!).

Not that I’m not also mightily in love with the nudes and pales that we’re seeing, but indulging in a little color therapy feels so good.

  • If it ever loads, check out the current How to Spend It issue, and drool
  • Shoes by Christian Siriano, that little glasses guy who won some season of Project Runway (he designs them for Payless…wiggity whaaaat?)
  • Bust out your colors at the Shanghai Closet Swap!!
  • More bold colors (and fruit prints!) at Vogue

One thought on “This Seaon’s It Color, Shanghai

  1. I heart this dress; too bad it doesn’t com in my size. I did get some great orange, pink and tan color-blocked high heel sandals on my trip to the states though.

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