Thwarted by a Metaphysic Puzzle, Shanghai

Photo taken from the best Shanghai closet swap ever.

There are a lot of good things going on here, but to me they don’t really seem to work together in an ensemble performance.  Loving the pleated skirt (though this one seems to have something a little wonky going on).  I know I’ve talked about this before… – btw, has anyone seen any knee-length ones?

I like the shirt with rolled up sleeves, and it’s making me realize I need to go and finally buy a nice chambray top.

The big glasses are great – could use a new pair of those too (calling Tom Ford again).

Red lips are cute and that is an awesome shade on her.

But…somehow, it just doesn’t add up.  Pieces of the puzzle, yes, but they don’t really fit together.

I think I would keep the top, pair it with a high-waisted tan leather skirt or shorts, and ditch the Jackie O. glasses in favor of a modern take on an aviator or wayfearer.  And maybe some Tom’s or simple sandals.

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