Like Summer on the Continent, Shanghai

I LOVE.  The whole look has a very Spanish/Mediterranean feel to it (ugghh WANT NOW), and looks comfortable to boot.  I’m into the tan sandals that fade right into the tan – looks like she’s bare-footed, but not. And do I spy some blue embroidery atop the top?  Delightful!

I’ve always wished that I could have long hair; tragically, I cannot, so I always admire a nice beyond-the-shoulder-length wave (I’m happier now with my Betty Draper-ish look, courtesy of Toni & Guy, but still…).

Let’s go to San Sebastian and drink sangria and eat paella!!

2 thoughts on “Like Summer on the Continent, Shanghai

  1. Véronique , girl, I totally agree. why Why WHY??? when the sun comes out it will be a joyous – and perhaps short-lived – occasion :)

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