Bicycle Biiiicycle, Shanghai

After having had my bicycle for over 3 years, it finally went missing. It occurred while I was away and under Cristina’s supervision. She has had about 14 bikes stolen from under her. She has really bad bike karma. Never let her babysit your bike. Good news…I am going to try to pimp out my husband’s vintage bike into this (see below), but it will never be as pimp as this funny little bike. Do people still say “pimp?” I am now officially one of those aging 70 year old men who still say groovy, when it is not cool to say groovy. Except I’m 30. Fakakta.

Define Fakakta
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6 thoughts on “Bicycle Biiiicycle, Shanghai

  1. 2 stolen bikes in 5 years. Okay 3 now that we have to count yours while under my care. Stop exaggerating! :-)

  2. Happy lemon is bad for biking because they don’t use the cool shrink wrap lids. I was riding with a Happy lemon and it fell over in my basket getting all over my handbag. My REAL Longchamp, grrrr.

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