More Evidence of My Failure

There are many things that I am good at and a few that I am awesome at, but today I would like to celebrate two recent failures. You read right, I celebrate failure, because I am that annoying optimist you hate to love.

1. I was babysitting Cairn’s bike and it disappeared. This is bike three that has been stolen in Shanghai. But I do get an “I told you so” in here. Cairn insisted that I lost bikes because I insisted on buying brand new Giant bikes and this is obvious proof that I am a bicycle thief magnet, unrelated to the bike’s make or model.

2. I saw this brilliantly dressed girl the last time I was home (at on my favorite neighborhood coffee shop for horchata con espresso) and took her picture. I didn’t realize how blurry it was until I got in my mom’s car. My ma tried to convince me to go back and explain to the girl that I needed to retake her picture, but I was too embarrassed. The worst part is that the picture is blurry because I forgot to switch from manual to automatic. So totally my fault.

I still think you can get a basic idea of how cool this girl is. She’s wearing a dangling collar pin, that must be one of a kind, because I did a serious google search and could not find anything similar to show you. Also, you can’t tell but her grey oxfords have some serious studs on them.

This is the equivalent of a fashion missed connection. I know I gave you my card, lovely lady. If you happen upon this website looking for a picture of yourself looking fierce and find you look blurry, please email me. We’ll remedy this photo situation and get you on Vainlane looking your best.

Just don’t let me near your bike and we can be best friends forever.

P.S. I am great with dogs.

4 thoughts on “More Evidence of My Failure

  1. Love this post. BTW, totally thought it was a boy, that’s how blurry this picture is. But love that this outfit is so androgynous and if I didn’t have lion thighs I wold try to rock this look.

  2. I guess the blurriness obscures her very feminine face. She had Angelina Jolie pillow lips. If you are reading this, Highland Park hipster, I am sorry people think you are a boy.

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