Localizing, United States of America

Shopping at Fashion Island, Melrose, Santa Monica Promenade  were all  a bit on the depressing side being so scarce in people and product.  And with the merely 5%-7%  market drop of recent days, I am feeling pretty nationalistic these days. NO, you’re counterintuitive!  Though I would probably be operating at a loss, my father-in-law recently spurred an idea of producing in Molokai, which got me thinking. 1st, does he mind me mentioning him in a blog he probably doesn’t want to be associated with? 2nd…

Is the bottom line really all that important?  Treading water near the surface for awhile doesn’t seem so bad. Though it’s not much of a dent at all, I want to be patriotic and employ good ol’ Americans, in particular, Hawaiians or Californian, in an attempt to help ease the pain of unemployment.

I am not sure how long this will resonate with me. I predict in 3 years time in 2 years time in 1.5 years time I may be thinking of diamonds again.

But in the meantime, maybe I’ll go with it.

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