Purple Moccs, Shanghai

Iiiiiiii…do not love this look as a whole.  But purple loafers win.  I think if the shorts and shirt were less schlubby this would work really well.  Mocassins kind of beg for a more tailored look, but stick with muted colors on top to let the shoes pop. Fewer anklets might be a good idea too.  Just saying.

If anyone recognizes the designer of these shoes let us know!

2 thoughts on “Purple Moccs, Shanghai

  1. thanks for the critique, gosh, i gotta get that shirt tailored or just throw it away, it’s 5 years old already…… the shoes are from ZARA, which severely faded after one raining day, i made the short myself though.

  2. Ian, I really love the shorts and think to the knee cut up shorts are pretty awesome for men and women.

    i want those exact shorts and the moccs are great. I make fun of h&m and zara all the time but sometimes, I’ll admit, they can do some good.

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