Scandinavian in Shanghai

Designer Mary H

The difference between Mary H bags and others is that you can wear them 3 different ways.

Hi Mary H!

This is what she had to say…

Hi, my name is Mary and I’m the Creator of Designed by MaryH. I was born and brought up in Sweden and have Asian background. I may look slim, but I really like to eat and cook as well. I like seafood a lot, but don’t eat spicy. And most of the time I like dessert after dinner. Except for working almost every day, I like to dance to Disco and 80s music. Even though I’m not a frequent party person, I like to meet new people and cultures, and I’m easy-going and sociable too. I’m also fine with staying at home watching DVDs with my boyfriend, and if we do I prefer watching comedy and funny movies. I don’t smoke and I hate cigarettes. I drink coffee everyday even if I should try to drink less, and I have a bad habit of sleeping late (maybe it’s linked). I have blue belt in Jujitsu (but I’m a nice person). I would like to have a boat (I don’t know how to sail) but would like to sail around the world. I like dogs and would love to have one (maybe one day, when I’m moving around less).

For the brand I created, my Scandinavia and Asian background influences my creations. I don’t see myself as a fusion brand, but a brand that offers sophisticated, minimalist and timeless designs with
a touch of colour. The bags are small, in fact, to fit what you actually need to carry with you. It’s for women that are self-confident and want to look effortlessly chic. We don’t want to change a woman’s personal style but complement it, with stylish and functional leather items to fit all kinds of women and for their different occasions all year round.

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