Vega Wang, Beijing

While in Beijing, I met with up-and-coming Chinese Designer Vega Wang, who studied at Central Saint Martin and assisted at the late Alexander McQueen’s headquarters in London. Currently residing in Beijing, she is inspired by the city and the soundtrack it plays. Music and fashion go hand in hand and it is a huge and ongoing inspiration to her collections. How can anyone live without music???

Her collections consist mostly of blues, reds and blacks. She wore black when we met and admits that it is her everyday color of choice. Her tattoos are her accessories. I would describe her style as artsy rocker Chinese tomboy.

It was a few weeks back so I can’t say verbatim what she said, but in my head it went along the lines of ” if I can’t create with my own hands something I think I would die.” Perhaps it wasn’t as dramatic as all that, but I just share the same sentiments.

I heart Beijing and its creative people. If I were to put a soundtrack together while walking the street of Beijing I would start with Midnight Runner by Cut Copy, pick up the pace with Cults’ Abducted, and end with One Red Thread by Bind Pilot. 

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