Madagascar-ian, Shanghai

This beaut from Madagascar has the most flawless skin. For fall she is taking a classic look to a more personal level. The classic nautical wool sweater has little manufactured moth-holes throughout to give it that worn look or a little sexy-time action (as Cristina would call it), is longer in the back so it actually looks like she is wearing nothing but a sweater out, with a pair of affordable Christian V. Siriano snake print patent leather heels. If I had hair like that I would tease it out and do that pretty voluminous model afro seen on the runways.

Pretty afro I wish I had
We love Mr. Siriano
Could not find any sweater better than the one shes wearing. Guess this one is ok.
I actually really like this guys sweater for women
And, I would seriously buy this sweater for my husband if it weren’t seriously that price.
Black leather bag from WBK

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