Shanghai Fashion Week

Punkster Vivienne Westwood is set to “open” at Shanghai Fashion Week tomorrow for Spring/Summer 2012. There is conflicting information about whether she is actually doing a runway show or if she is just throwing an exclusive party displaying her favorite archives. Though a later start than most Fashion Weeks worldwide, SFW is trying to reach for the stars. Government sponsored, Shanghai Fashion week could start with hiring a more fashion knowledgeable org to run things. One heavy hitter to open isn’t quite enough to wake the international media out of its slumber. If media won’t even cover it, how do they expect the real fashion editors and buyers to swim on over to the middle kingdom.

Noticed that not many higher end designer or couture lines show at SFW. Mostly contemporary. Perhaps to suit the market they are in.
The “nice” thing about SFW is that they show a slew of up-and-coming designers instead of big established ones.
No exclusivity. Anyone can get into these shows. I rather like not being able to enter the very park the shows are exhibiting in. But I’m a snoot like that.
Google Shanghai Fashion Week…no international press.

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  1. Unfortunately, as the post indicates, it is not all that developed and thus there is no official website for it.

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