The Hat Lab, Shanghai

- the hat lab - by M
an atelier of customized headpieces

Meet Marion.

Marion the milliner fell in love with hats two years ago.  Her passion for unique headpieces brought her to Paris to be trained in accessories design.

M’s aspiration is to design vintage beauties to embellish the heads of women who possess a gypsy soul, and encourage them to play dress-up in their everyday lives.

Growing up in a military world with Dad and his tales of voyages, his ethnic discoveries, and his sailor suits, M feels deeply connected with the past, paying tribute to navy officers, burlesque dancers, and explorers of bygone days: her muses to design.

Now based in Shanghai, M delicately hand-makes her hair jewelry, combining feminine and masculine elements, creating a military boudoir ambiance. Each head candy tells its own one-of-a-kind story.

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