Porcelain Curves

MH-20150221-14 MH-20150221-49scgthrowbowl1 noname (2)Upon meeting the clearly talented Susan Gregory of CeramicsSCG, there is a sense of awe inspired innocence about her, whether it be her bright Bambi eyes, or the simple joy she expresses from having an existence where utilizing her hands to create is what she “does.” This is the allowance to such wonderment. It could also lay in the fact that she looks to be a person who avoids taking anything for granted on a diurnal basis. ┬áThis bi-coastal artist was recently featured in the aesthetically pleasing Trouve magazine, speaking in a voice that is clearly of her own making. This fall, she has teamed up with us at William the BeeKeeper for an exclusive ceramics line marrying dewy porcelain whites with softly perfected curves that would make even the most austere of men melt. Well, now, that would be a lofty goal–let’s make all the men of the world melt from beauty.

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